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The perfect is the enemy of the good

From Get Rich Slowly on Apr 26, 2018

I’m home! Over the past two weeks, I drove 1625 miles across across seven southeastern states. I had a blast hanging out with readers, friends, and colleagues. Plus, it was fun to explore some parts of the country that Kim and I skipped during our RV trip a few years ...

Free retirement planning guide from Vanguard

From Get Rich Slowly on Apr 24, 2018

Vanguard, the mutual fund company, recently published a free retirement planning guide for folks like me who aren’t interested in hiring a professional financial advisor. Vanguard’s Roadmap to Financial Security is a 32-page document intended to provide DIY investors with a framework for decision-making in retirement. Here’s an excerpt from ...

Just solve the problem!

From Get Rich Slowly on Apr 23, 2018

While the contractors were working to replace the siding on our new home last summer, they discovered a termite infestation outside the bathroom. Further investigation revealed that the floor under the tub was not only wet and damp, but had actually completely rotted. So, we hired somebody to repair the ...

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