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The stories we tell ourselves

From Get Rich Slowly on Mar 21, 2018

I had lunch with Sabino yesterday. He’s my accountant — but he’s also my friend (and a loyal Get Rich Slowly reader). I told Sabino about how our house has been a money pit over the nine months since we bought it. I told him how much fun I’ve been ...

Cashing in on the American Dream: How to

From Get Rich Slowly on Mar 20, 2018

All his life, Paul Terhorst wanted to be rich. Even in grade school, he looked forward to having a corporate job, to joining the world of big business. “I didn’t just dream about money and power and expense account living — I planned for it.” He grew up and made ...

The best way to spend less? Cut back

From Get Rich Slowly on Mar 19, 2018

Important note: If you received this article by email, you are subscribed to the old daily GRS email list, which is going away soon. If you’d like to read Get Rich Slowly by email, subscribe to the new, weekly GRS newsletter here. You don’t need a high income to achieve ...

Fifteen years of semi-retirement: A real-life look at

From Get Rich Slowly on Mar 18, 2018

Today’s “money story” is a guest post from Bob Clyatt, author of the outstanding Work Less, Live More, which is one of my favorite books about financial independence and early retirement. [My review.] It’s an update on what his life has been like since moving to sem-retirement fifteen years ago. ...

GRS Theater: The parking lot attendant worth half

From Get Rich Slowly on Mar 17, 2018

In this week’s installment of Get Rich Slowly Theater, we’re going to look at a real-life money boss: Earl Crawley, a parking attendant from Baltimore. Mr. Earl (as he’s known) was profiled on the PBS show MoneyTrack. Here’s a six-minute segment about this super saver: Mr. Earl has worked as ...

The power of compounding: How your wealth snowball

From Get Rich Slowly on Mar 16, 2018

So much of financial success involves good habits practiced over long periods of time. Yes, you can still have a positive impact on your financial future if you’re starting late in life — but if you’re 59 years old and just beginning to think about financial freedom, you have a ...

Your saving rate: The most important number in

From Get Rich Slowly on Mar 15, 2018

In order to survive and thrive, you need to earn a profit. You already know profit is the lifeblood of every business. It’s like food and water for the human body. Although proper nutrition isn’t the purpose of life, we couldn’t exist without it. Food and water give us strength ...

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